I’ve done a number of WordPress Themes and Plugins. Ranging from Design-to-Site and simple customizations, I have utilized WordPress’ platform to build strong websites and provide improved usability.
WedBrilliant WedBrilliant is a web application developed to help engaged couples find vendors to meet the needs for their wedding. Sarah Giffrow of Upswept Creative did all the design work while I implemented the backend technologies that allowed users to create needs which vendors would then bid on. The whole system is tied into Paypal, as the site charges a 2% fee for use of the service to the vendor upon as successful bid. The technologies I implemented include several custom post types, searching and filtering vendors and categories, managing profiles, and contact information access.
Jivesoftware.com For the span of a few months, I was asked to join a small team to develop and deploy a complete site rebrand for Jive Software. Jive for years had been using a Java web server. Having recently made the transition to WordPress as a CMS, the team needed assistance translating older code and content into the new system, as well as providing easier-to-use content deployments. I worked through a number of bugs, updated designs, and took over as primary developer while the web development team restructured. Jive Software’s website is here.
In addition to their main site, I was also asked to help deploy and rebrand Jive’s microsite for their annual conference, JiveWorld. Building the Jiveworld site required updates to the JiveSoftware.com design as well as custom code. Some of these updates include a customized slideshow, custom PHP and WordPress code for managing agenda items and front-end javascript for display of conference information. The Jiveworld 2013 site is here.
Working with a designer, I took this design from a photoshop file to a fully realized wordpress Theme. This included structural development as well as a custom image-slideshow component to meet requirements of the designer. I not only provided the code but instructional lessons that she could then go on to instruct her clients with as she designed more WordPress sites. See the Graphic Forte Site here.
Designed to be simplistic, I took the designer’s artwork and translated it into this site using an existing theme. We provided the tools to allow the client full editing options. Although some of the exterior of the site has changed, the foundational core of the theme remains as a useful basis as the client’s design choices flux. In this site we adapted multiple plugins in wordpress to meet the demands of the content. You can visit Erin Bolton’s site here.
In addition to the main theme being adapted for use, the Conductive Resistance website had a need for a plugin to provide easy editing for an electronics kit list. I wrote the custom plugin which displays the kit information, dynamically displays detailed information about it’s contents, as well as this administrative interface for adding and editing the kits. The results of that plugin can be seen here.