Lead Software Engineer – Jaguar Land Rover

March 2014 – Current

    • Developed Applications for In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems, including concept, design, layout, interaction models, code, and delivery. Developed for open source and proprietary platforms. Projects included Weather, News, Media Playback, HVAC using web technologies (HTML5, Javascript, CSS) as well as Qt, QML
    • Designed and implemented early APIs for RVI (Remote Vehicle Interaction) for remote HVAC control.
    • Built internal asset management software, utilizing a REST API and web-based interface. Created both backend service and front-end client.
    • Mentored developers in skills and business behaviors, assisting in code review, professional development, and industry-wide interactions.
    • Initiated efforts to improve development resources, and team interaction, designing and introducing version control workflows, and methodologies for code review processes.
    • Interacted and contributed to GENIVI and Automotive Grade Linux industry trade groups, participating to codify standards, and provide example implementations for those standards.
    • Led development team for internal vehicle sharing web app written with NodeJS. Developed REST API for
    • Worked with incubator and collaborator companies CarFit and EggCyte developing integration software and firmware for embedded devices. Provided
    • Ported software from HTML5/Javascript applications to Qt with QML.
    • Built an Amazon Echo demo to interact with a vehicle HVAC system, conceived and implemented in under one week.
    • Developed Front-end and supported Application services development for open source Media Manager and Player for Infotainment systems.
  • Built site generator for framework documentation

UI Engineer – Act-On Software

October 2013 – March 2014

    • Updated software components to divide view and model components from using old integrated JSP pages to pure HTML/AJAX populated displays. Templating done with Handlebars, comms in jQuery.
    • Worked with QA and Customer Service teams to fix to fix bugs in applications and respond timely to customer complaints. Used JIRA for issue and progress tracking.
    • Worked in an Agile development methodology with a Scrum team daily to appraise progress and determine development paths. Worked this system for feature development as well as a classical dev environment for handling bugs.
  • Worked with App Experience director to determine overall look and feel and to apply those changes broadly to existing app as well as introduce it to new features.

Web Developer  – Jive Software

March 2013 – July 2013

    • Worked in a team environment to develop, test, and deploy custom solutions in and out of WordPress CMS for content management.
    • Collaborated on large-scale corporate rebrand and communication for 3rd party public resources including NASDAQ, Jobvite, and EEG for managing offsite services.
    • Wrote Front-End Javascript for managing display of relevant contact information dependent on region.
  • Wrote SASS to streamline CSS rules and structure.

Professional Services Technical Consultant – Huron Consulting Group

July 2011 – March 2013

    • Consulted on interface and workflow designs. Took customer practices and designed and developed them into functioning interfaces.
    • Designed and wrote custom logic for identifying and notifying compliance with government regulations for insurance coverage.
    • Wrote custom web interface for requesting and retrieving sensitive patient medical data between research facility systems. Parsed XML data into custom structures and provided interface for editing.
    • Wrote custom interfaces in HTML5 using custom data-storage attributes inline to provide contextual information for dynamic client-server interactions.
    • Worked on projects with daily reporting and task assignment in an Agile environment.
  • Developed security methodology for managing internal developers and project managers with customer developers and managers allowing practical administration of projects access to appropriate parties.

Web Developer – Oregon State Dept. of Revenue

February 2011 – June 2011

    • System provided means for updating taxpayer information online without interaction with Dept representatives.
    • Design utilized AJAX and DHTML technologies for
        • Fetching and submitting changes to DOR servers
      • Success and Error displays on server-side failures,  invalid input, successful updates.
    • Encapsulated functions. User could update any component (Address, Email, or phone numbers) leaving others untouched.
  • Worked with Dept. team to expand design and implementation concepts.

Web Developer – Netbiz.com Inc

October 2008 – October 2010

  • Designed and built a custom shopping cart web application to integrate with existing system.
      • Built cart administrative UI. Server /Client interactions handled by AJAX utilizing custom javascript and Prototype.js. Interface dynamically managed by DHTML for aesthetics, and functionality.
      • Server-side backend built on Object Oriented PHP and MySQL. Encapsulation and extension made priorities
      • Managed QA for cart system.
    • Managed System permissions and accessibility for cart component.
    • Extended and rewrote components of internal sales management application and interface with Object Oriented PHP. This included restructuring and rewriting components for activities such as Sales Analysis, User assignment to sales areas, and automated removal and notification of sales personnel.
    • Used multiple OS development environment daily, including Linux (CentOS), Windows, and Mac OS X.
  • Responsible for access and permission configuration for Shopping Cart component.

Web Developer – Software Solutions

March 2006 – August 2008

Independent Bookstore Internet services & thingstodo.com

Sandy, UT

  • Developed custom Content Management System (CMS) web application for newsletter creation and distribution.
      • Server-side system stored values and translated data into final newsletter form. Newsletter could then be automatically pushed to 3rd-party software via their API in OOPHP.
    • Design UI that allowed for multi-level editing and output control. DHTML and Javascript used for editor functionality and finesse. AJAX moved data between UI and Server.
  • Wrote replacement CMS web application for large, FrontPage-based website. Maintained the existing look and feel while producing dynamically rendered pages. 
  • Developed and implemented an XML-based HTML generation Tool
    • Tool took XML data, and produced HTML from a template.

Indicates this was a contract position.