The Amazon Echo offers a significant opportunity to explore the world of natural interactions with users by providing a voice-only interface. I’ve worked on several projects utilizing Amazon’s Alexa Skills kit to develop projects personally and professionally.

North Pole Adventure

North Pole Adventure is a simple voice-first adventure game with a Christmas Theme. I wrote it over the course of a couple of months heading into the Christmas Season. It offers simple puzzle-solving challenges, and gives players something to while the many hours until Christmas arrives…

It can be played by saying “Alexa open North Pole Adventure” to any Amazon Echo Device.

Amazon Echo LED Control

This project focused on voice controlling an WS2811-based LED strand with simple voice commands. The code abstracts RGB values to generic colors. The code is available on Github. The link above leads to my personal blog detailing the build. The Application was written with NodeJS and C for the Arduino.

Amazon Echo RVI interaction

RVI (Remote Vehicle Interaction) is an open source, secure vehicle communication protocol. As a proof-of-concept, I conceived and developed a demo that would remotely set cabin temperature of a Jaguar F-Type to given values, or could request and return a vehicle’s last-known location according to RVI database.  The Application was written in NodeJS, communicating with a Python RVI node.